Top 5 Haruki Murakami novels?

Haruki Murakami- Ah, the writer who manages to keep people awake book after book and has managed in doing so for over 30 years now. Books by Murakami that have managed to keep me going for more books by him and that one should read, albeit in no particular order, are

a) 1Q84: After having read so many ambivalent reviews about this book that almost succeeded in filling my brain with the skepticism that it’ll end up taking both the time and the effort in vain, one fine day I decided against everything and finally picked up Murakami’s Magnus-Opum. Truth be told this is a huge book, and it succeeds in taking you to a whole new world altogether. It’s a trilogy, and seems huge at first. But it’s eminently readable.

b) The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: This is what my goodreads’ review of the book says about this book- “Murakami-stic!
Flamboyantly mesmerizing!
Reading into Murakami is like living in your dream. You live and enjoy it thoroughly, and yet no matter how much attention you were paying to it, the moment you wake up everything seems obscured”…

c) Kafka On The Shore: When I first read this, I told people around me that Murakami is not a writer but a Magician; a conjurer of words, characters and fables. After reading ‘Kafka On The Shore’ I was convinced of the fact that he is capable of mesmerizing people by his writing, and can make one read anything. Certainly one of the best storytellers.

d) Norwegian Wood: Again, from my goodreads’ review of this book- “There are only two questions I ask myself while reading Murakami’s works. The first comes to me somewhere around the time when I am halfway through the book and it just pops up in my mind asking- Why are you exactly reading this book? Will there be anything coming out of it?
And the other pops up upon the completion of the book- How can one mesmerize people with a blend of natural and preternatural scenes?

But that is perhaps the power of literature and the writers. Very few have that ability to do so. And among the ones who do posses that power, Murakami is definitely the master of the art.

Ever since I have read 1Q84 by Murakami, and then Kafka On The Shore, and then this book; I have grown increasingly fond of his books which of course are glib in language(the credit of which should go to the translators) and erotic in preternatural ways. Partly because of both these reasons, and partly because you don’t need reasons to love Murakami’s works.”

e) Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki And His Years Of Pilgrmage: And this one, just for the sheer smoothness of the narrative flow; which after all is an important trait for a book to have.

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Happy Reading!

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