In Conversation With Nadine – Part 2

This post is in response to a few questions asked by Nadine.


Of Sun and Sinusitis…

The Sun played tricks like an unweaned child. Now sticking its face to the mother's breast and then turning with a jerk towards its father, as if filled, only to resume the feeding by turning back towards its mother the moment it sees his father extending his hand in its direction. An act of defiance... Continue Reading →

Sister, Songs, and Phone Calls…

This piece is very close to my heart, just like all my sisters. It has been lying in the drafts for over two months, for no particular reason. What makes it special are not the nuances of the words used, but the nuances of the story which will come out differently to each one of us. To all the sisters - whose smiles keep us moving and makes life bearable.

Indore, Food, and Robot’s Crotch…

I come from a place too remote to be located on the map without considerably zooming into it. I then, under this predicament, proudly pronounce myself as being from Indore when an outsider asks me of my origins. It is something common to all the people from smaller tehsils, now districts, in Madhya Pradesh. Indore is our haven. Bengaluru is love. Bengaluru is a beauty. But this article is not about love, not about Bengaluru.

Myriad Emotions and Menthol…

He knew that in wars like these, where one fought against one's own heart, one was always bound to lose. But these wars have to be fought nevertheless. All through one's life. He has seen everyone around him fighting against that one thing or one person they love the most, and eventually, the fight ends... Continue Reading →

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