Sister, Songs, and Phone Calls…

This piece is very close to my heart, just like all my sisters. It has been lying in the drafts for over two months, for no particular reason. What makes it special are not the nuances of the words used, but the nuances of the story which will come out differently to each one of us. To all the sisters - whose smiles keep us moving and makes life bearable.


Last few days taught many important lessons. One of which is to Love while the time is still ripe. This post is about gratitude.

Of Journeys and Pilgrimages…

This is as much of a piece on Hope and Courage as it is on what the title suggests. But, I believe, that the only way to overcome anything is by moving towards something, a place, a person, or even a void if one firmly believes in it.

Pain, and dawn…

It pained. Like it never did in the past. The kind of pain that happens to everyone at least once in their lives and makes one believe that it would last forever. He would have traded his life for all he cared if only that was an option. But some pains are like that. It... Continue Reading →

Love and Horror…

‘Love, in some ways, is just like horror’ his father once told him in jest while jogging. It was the first day of his vacations just after his Class 12th board exams, and his father had made him promise that before he leaves for his college to some faraway place he must make it a... Continue Reading →


But life, since he had first begun planning it, had always to be this way - without a particular direction and without any aspiration for attainments to his name. What an easy way to lead a life had it seemed back then. Almost blithe. Something that totally made sense where the matter of one's existence... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day!

Of the numerous memories that inundate me right now as I type this piece, all of which, I must say, being as vivid as they were when they first happened, what I miss the most are perhaps the piggybacks I used to have on my father's back, and the swings using the bed-sheets that he... Continue Reading →

Yearning to meet again…

Some goodbyes, irrespective of their recurrence on umpteenth occasions, are not just hard; they kill you. They kill you every time you say them, and the very inkling of them kills you even before you really utter them. The mere thought that every welcome has a goodbye to it seems to take away a hefty... Continue Reading →

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