Of Lights, Life, and A Little Loneliness…

The sun grappled with the clouds all day long. Tired, it went to the bed a bit early than the usual days. By the evening, the clouds had enshrouded the sky, convincing Shama that it'd rain, but it didn't. From her room on the seventh floor of a nine-floor apartment, Shama sees lights everywhere --... Continue Reading →

Sundays, temple, and the leftmost lane

On Sundays, I usually drive down the roads like I used to when I first learned how to ride a bike - slowly, a bit skeptically, and with a smile on my face just like the one I used to have when I was first learning this trick. I call it a trick because it... Continue Reading →

An Indian Daughter’s Father

Much talked about and most debated topic. I've tried to put it through the perception of a father. This is my imagination of what all a father of a girl goes through these days. Albeit I am hopeful that things will change for good and pretty fast because we have now started to act.

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