A Right Conversation

Ever found yourself immersed in a conversation where you not only forget about things around you but you also give up on your own thoughts, discarding your ever important and so egoistic views. Not because you don't have anything worth sharing and neither out of your fear of being cut out in the middle, but because the... Continue Reading →

A window, and myriad untold stories…

I doubt if there can ever be a more avid, unbiased and an empathetic listener than a room’s window. A window is like a caboodle of stories; stories that were never told to anyone, stories that will remain untold, stories not shared amongst the family members, stories including the ones whispered to oneself in the... Continue Reading →

People Matters….

Well, we all have valued and earned money. It's time we regain our conscience and earn back the lost relationships... for there is only one thing that matters the most when we embark on our final journey; and that's 'the people'..

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