That Feeling Called Love…

The last time he had let anyone touch him, Tanishq was 27 and had nothing on his body. And after the session of the passionate lovemaking was over, it had begun to rain outside, and it had continued to rain like that for some time. He was sitting on his bed, wiping the sweat off... Continue Reading →

Of Men And Their Ways…

At dawn, when all the boys with whom he used to play cricket in the ground are still asleep, Balu is woken up by his senile father. The sixth child in his father's brigade, as the old man used to call his children together, Balu was the youngest. His two elder sisters were married and... Continue Reading →

Yearning to meet again…

Some goodbyes, irrespective of their recurrence on umpteenth occasions, are not just hard; they kill you. They kill you every time you say them, and the very inkling of them kills you even before you really utter them. The mere thought that every welcome has a goodbye to it seems to take away a hefty... Continue Reading →

A meaningful clutch

Why can't all the promises and commitments be as pure as the ones made by a few weeks old baby, by clutching all his fingers, using all his might just to get a good hold of your finger. This has always made me think as┬áto why does a baby go for a single finger and... Continue Reading →

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