Promise amidst Questions and Answers.

Questions. Some days are filled with questions. There is a single question at the core but there are numerous around it. Surrounding it as its paraphernalia. The ones capable of fusing the nights and day into one or making either incomprehensible to you. You wake up, there is the sun, as usual. You know it... Continue Reading →

Myriad Emotions and Menthol…

He knew that in wars like these, where one fought against one's own heart, one was always bound to lose. But these wars have to be fought nevertheless. All through one's life. He has seen everyone around him fighting against that one thing or one person they love the most, and eventually, the fight ends... Continue Reading →


But life, since he had first begun planning it, had always to be this way - without a particular direction and without any aspiration for attainments to his name. What an easy way to lead a life had it seemed back then. Almost blithe. Something that totally made sense where the matter of one's existence... Continue Reading →

Yearning for redemption

Yezad embarked on a journey that would certainly make his future bright. But, just like in the course of every journey one leaves many places behind, Yezad was leaving behind something that would haunt him for the rest of his life...

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