Love, Togetherness, and Time…

Reblogging this post here, as the family of readers has now grown much bigger than when I had first written this piece, and also more importantly because I want you – a few new readers, who have been reading my works lately – to read this one as well…

A Fine Balance

She would come on the balcony, her hair almost dried. Ruffling her hairs with the fingers of her left hand, in an attempt to drain the last drop of water that often sneaks through the strands of hairs and settle down as dew on the scalp, she’d then gather her hairs in her fist. For someone observing this scene, it seemed as if she would lift herself off the ground using these hairs. Grabbing them in her right fist just above her head she’d meticulously unhitch the hairband from between her teeth. The hairband always matched her top and anticipated between her teeth until she was done with this hair business, this pulling and catching. She’d then try to confine these hairs into the hairband. A few strands, however, always alluded her and swarmed around her temple, at sometimes curling behind her ears while at others sneaking just to the…

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