Talk to me, forever.

She hated it whenever anyone used the word forever in their sentence. As if they really understood the word, or in the least if they really meant it. The word forever, she believed, had only one significance, and that was to make any assertion solemn. ‘I am here with you’ makes so little sense when compared against I’ll be here for you, forever’.
And, on occasions more than what now seems normal, she had seen people repudiating each other too soon that the word ‘forever’ smirked in their bloody faces. And so, she is pretty sure that she had never used this word with him. Is that why he left the way he did? Was he just another ordinary person tamed by the frivolous promises? A man whom she had finally considered to be the one proved that all men are the same – ordinary, oblivion to real love, and driven by meagre promises and assurances.

It was her mother who had told her that you’ll know when he comes in your life; there won’t be any magic, there won’t be any music, nor would cats or dogs rain down from the sky, but you will just know. And then there’ll be happiness all around. As if everyone is smiling looking towards you. And so meeting him at the office, despite he being hired on a contract basis, bound to leave anytime soon in the future, she had known at once. Or she remembered her mother’s words. But either was an announcement of love. This is how a child, who watches little television and doesn’t read books, goes about in life. By the words of their parents. Was, then, he the one? Was she finally in Love? But she kept wondering all the while, ‘what was Love’?

When she thinks of it all now. She realises how people also misinterpret the idea of someone wanting to talk to them. In all possible ways do they draw inferences than accepting the fact that the person might genuinely be interested in just talking to them? If someone tells you that they just want to talk to you and that they really like talking to you, how would you react? It takes a lot of courage on someone’s part, in the kind of world we now live in, to expose themselves that way before you. Leaving themselves vulnerable in the process. And she was one such daring person. And so, she asked him if he’d be interested in the talks. Just the talks. In hindsight, this might as well be the reason for his departure.

But the person who was always convinced of having understood the fact that there is nothing like ‘forever’ now failed to understand his sudden departure. And, so now she hopes that this separation might not be forever too.


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  1. This last line “And, so now she hopes that this separation might not be forever too.” Incredibly put, essence of entire write up is here! It’s really connecting, loved it, keep it up👍😊

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  2. In my opinion, Forever is not realistic, but it does have its strong emotional meaning. The moment we think of forever, wish forever or say forever to someone, we’re sincere at that moment.

    As for me, in the world full of changes, forever is a dream which gives us motivation to struggle, in order to make something beautiful in life last longer!

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    1. Of course, of course. The ‘She’ in the story and you both seem to have views – although antithesis- but more importantly you both believe in them.
      I think that is of utmost importance. The Believe in what you say and what is being told to you. It also happens to be the rarest thing these days, people having their own views.

      I am so happy you read this and commented on the post.

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  3. Vera, I earnestly hope that I have got the name right. You’d do just fine. I am assured of it after reading three articles by you. Also, keep reading as much as you can. It works the same way, for being a good writer you have to read as much as you can, of course that doesn’t guarantee your becoming a god writer but majority of the odds then turn in your favour.

    All the best for your endeavours.

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  4. I like the idea and sentiment of this story. Feeling obligated to add ‘forever’ to feelings makes it seem like the absence of the word somehow gives less weight to what you say to one another.

    The part about being vulnerable was also very nice. I’d much prefer a world like that one, though it does take courage.

    However, I find some of your sentences a bit too complicated, but that’s a personal preference. 🙂 Thank you for sharing and thank you for liking my post on Right Better!

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    1. Thank you Pamela for your time. And also for providing an in depth review. I’d work on the style. Perhaps someday I’d embrace simplicity and the words would then flow glibly.
      Thank you, again. I am happy you read it.


      1. Not at all! It was an enjoyable read, and as I said, it’s a personal preference. There is also something to be said for complexity – the words you use taught me new contexts in which to use them.

        I didn’t know what ‘glib’ meant, now I do. So thank you for that!

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      2. Ahh, that being the case, we can learn a lot from each other over the course of our blogging. Will visit your site again for more reads. Right now at work, so kind of shuffling between what I do for a living and what I would like to (Yes, I work on Sundays)… Pleasure to have you on the blog… Good day!

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  5. I agree there is no forever. It is just a perception and hopeless fools that we are we desire a forever never realising there’s an expiry date! 🙂

    This is a great post Akarsh!

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  6. “A man whom she had finally considered to be the one proved that all men are the same – ordinary, oblivion to real love, and driven by meagre promises and assurances.”
    I love this .. beautiful post 😊😊😍

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  7. Umm.. the girl in this story is somewhere related to me. The only difference is that here, she hates using forever before she met her perfect one and on my side … I hate it after I met mine. U know something? The fact that we have started being in a world where , everywhere u find ppl using “forever ” , actually without realizing its worth. And u get to hear so many promises all around that , after a certain period…. U don’t actually feel anything which comes with a promise , “forever”.

    I must really appreciate u for writing on something which is felt by most us but still we ignore it!!… Unique one. 😊

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    1. I am elated and sad at the same time after reading your remark Sunaina.
      Hope you are doing well!!!
      I also read the blog named ‘The Last Post’ by you.

      Take a break and write something new.
      You are a strong girl.
      Thank you for your time!

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      1. Hey Akarsh. Thanks for ur concern . I am doing great now and quit over my past. Thanks for stopping by , and reading my blog.
        Well…yes I took break from wordpress last year and gonna join wordpress soon.☺️
        Thank u for making me realize that I am still strong.

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  8. Funny, missed you and your writing, Akarsh, and came here searching down your line of posts for the most recent story I’d not yet read. This is the one, and it is quite something for me to read at this time. Coincidental with real-life circumstances.

    But can (heterosexual) men and women ever truly, truly, truly just be (un-“chaperoned”) friends? I often wonder. I mean, on WP it’s fine of course, we communicate through screens, and it’s public, therefore “chaperoned,” in a big way. But in real life? At least in the case of your particularly beautiful “forever” story, certainly not, I think.

    In short, you’re still a fact-in-fiction-writing genius, and I’m glad I came to visit, instead of waiting for you to come around my “neck of the words.” :))


    1. It has indeed been a long time since I wrote anything down. A lot has happened since the last post. It’ll all, as we say and believe, eventually make its way out of me in the form of write-ups, some part of it sooner than the others, but it all will.

      I hope everything is alright at your end Nadine. It was not long back when I was thinking about dropping a line to you — nothing in particular, but just the routine checks that you perform on people who matter to you.

      I am happy that you read that story (write-up), and if my not writing anything new brings you to my older write-ups then I might as well take another hiatus. 🙂

      Thank you yet again, for all your kind words.

      Love from India!

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      1. Smile-inducing words. All but the part about taking another hiatus. 😉 Very happy to read you here though, Akarsh. I was feeling the same, about emailing you about nothing in particular. But I’m glad I came to read this story/write-up instead. 🙂 Thanks for your lovely reply. Love from France. 💛

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