Of Sun and Sinusitis…

The Sun played tricks like an unweaned child. Now sticking its face to the mother’s breast and then turning with a jerk towards its father, as if filled, only to resume the feeding by turning back towards its mother the moment it sees his father extending his hand in its direction. An act of defiance at such an early age. The Sun likewise played with the clouds rendering the people befuddled. Should they head out, should they stay back?
Some carried umbrellas, while others discarded it in favour of some memories in case it ever rained.

He is in the bed shuffling his sides. ‘If your right nose is blocked, sleep on your left side and then touch the palate with the tip of your tongue, and vroom, your breathing will return to normal in a minute or two once you do so’, his doctor had said to him when he had presumed that it was his end and had finally decided on paying a visit to some doctor. Since this all began, it always occurs to him that he would run out of breaths first and then die unlike most other natural deaths where you die first and then stop breathing. Life can be grimly mocking to some people.

And now, he is lying on his left side, remembering the doctor’s words, doing as was asked of him, but it doesn’t seem to help especially on the days when the Sun never show up. Between umbrellas and memories, his was a struggle for some decent breaths and uninterrupted sleep.

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  1. While reading this story, I felt different emotions. Your narration is soft. There’s a sense of passing of time and as I myself had experienced this sinusitis issue, I know it’s quite annoying.
    It’s indeed a very well crafted story!!


    1. You review so well, Madeeha. This is the best thing about writing – itโ€™s ability to make readers feel the passage of time and provide to them a haven, and also the best thing that any writer can hear about his/her write-up .

      Of course Sinusitis is annoying. But there are just so many people out there with the issue, that it has started becoming a foible rather than an illness.

      And, thank you again.

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      1. Well, you’re right but consider it a human nature as one who’s having sinusitis at times getting annoyed consider himself alone in his experience.
        I particularly liked the mention of passage of time in your storyhttps
        It was a pleasure read!


      2. Yeah, when it all began. I thought about it as a harbinger of my end. It is such a tricky situation.
        Also, Madeeha, the second part of your comment is not quite clear. Did you try to paste a link there?


  2. Almost but not quite a monkeys wedding… A sunshower perhaps?
    Staying in bed in comfort, recuperating, battling nasal issues, a retreat knowing that tomorrow will be better, the sun will shine.๐Ÿ’ž


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