Of Sweat and Dogs’ barks…

Scared. He wrapped his body with a comforter. And held it so tight around his face as if he’d asphyxiate himself. Only one doesn’t die that way and that soon. The human body can endure far more than what we ever fathom. The temperature within the comforter began to soar. But the fear of facing the reality seemed far more brutal and beyond what he could take any more. And so he uncovered just the face, but it was still dark. Eerily so. And so he again slid back into the comforter.

Sweat. Some time passed and his face was wet. Not the rain-wet like when you fall victim to a downpour while on the road. Rather the exact kind of wet your face gets when you use one of those vaporizers or steamers. The sweat was perceptible. He used his left hand first and then removed any traces of the sweat which was left unattended on his face with his right. But sweat is just like fear in that it keeps on aggravating when you are alone especially in a dark room under the sheet. But going out meant exposing himself to the reality. And not all unhappy man have troubled pasts. Some have ongoing situations.

A dog barked. Or there were many dogs and they all barked in a unison. And this barking, this trivial, futile, irksome barking of dogs, that he has had always condemned now seemed soothing. As if providing a company. Assuring him of life. And the next thing he remembers is the Big Basket delivery person ringing the doorbell. It was just another morning. ‘Good Morning, Sir’ said the delivery guy. Rubbing his eyes and cleaning his spectacle with the helm of his t-shirt, he added, ‘Yeah, Good Morning to you too, Sir’. And then there were smiles on both the faces.

The picture used in the post had all of me when I first laid my eyes on it. Very little had I known before seeing it that dogs also ‘Hau Hau Vuh Vuh’. Brilliant stuff by the artist!

Credits: google.com

5 thoughts on “Of Sweat and Dogs’ barks…

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  1. Beautifully written! But I’m not sure if I got it. Is it mostly about loneliness and life moving on as always? I’d like to write down my humble opinions.

    For me, this unhappy Man feels really lonely and depressed, afraid to be exposed to real world. In the meantime, the real world, which is impossible to avoid, comes to call on him —— in the form of all the dog barks and a strange kind delivery man, which gives the unhappy man solace.
    Like what you’ve said when introducing a fine balance, you’re trying to keep a balance on different topics, subjects and feelings that seem opposite. And I think you really do a great job, for your articles always give me a mixed and complex feelings, like this one that feels lonely, despressing and yet a little bit warm at the same time.

    Life (real world, and reality ) is what both makes the man afraid and gives him comfort, and where all his fear, despair, happiness, strength and so on come from.

    Good day!

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    1. Couldn’t have explained it any better than what you just did, Vera…
      It is about what you said, but it was written so before so many articles that I had almost forgotten about it… I too read it again today.

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