Washing Machine and Life…

The agitator of the machine spun at its throttle. Spinning and moving the clothes, changing their relative positions, bringing on the surface the shirt at one moment and then a pant at the other. Entangling a few of them so intricately that they never fall apart till the timer went off. He stared into the machine like this for a few minutes, and this whirling made him think of the people in his life. There were a few people close to him who have constantly come back to him as if some agitator has constantly been on action bringing them close again, and then there were still fewer who were now nowhere to be seen as if they had been thrown into the machine in different batches if there was but one machine.

He saw how some clothes were tangled to each other, and no matter how hard he tried to disentangle them they would not come apart just at once. These were like people who didn’t want to quit each other too soon. As if in love. Repellant to the very notion of distance. He too had a few people like that. Distance from whom was unimaginable. But thinking of life just like a washing machine, and us, humans, like the clothes in it made sense. We are entangled to a few for inexplicable reasons. And despite being happy, we are always on a constant lookout for that special one while the life whirls us, and when we find them we better stick to them, hoping that when the machine stops we are tangled against the right one…

The image has been downloaded from google.com. The artist who must have come up with its idea has all my love and gratitude.

9 thoughts on “Washing Machine and Life…

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  1. This is one thing which I hate most about washing. Disentagling process is hectic but your thoughts about life are very interesting. I’ve read some of your posts and have found your writing very creative!!

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      1. Yes, this is how the sparks of our ideas are lit, from our every day chores to profound thoughts.. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜.. very well done.. keep them coming.. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


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