Indore, Food, and Robot’s Crotch…

Indore is better than the place I now live in at least two things. But Bengaluru, the place I work in, notwithstanding its hopeless situation as I write this piece down, happens to be the place I love the most and has been the only place towards which I find my love growing the moment I distance myself from it. I am not exactly the sort of person who cannot handle distances but I guess, some places, just like some people, are like that. You just can’t distance yourself from them. Perhaps this is what being besotted with someone or something must mean. But we will talk about my tryst with Bengaluru on some other day. For now, come with me to the city the denizens of the state of Madhya Pradesh (Central India) take pride in when they talk to the outsiders.

In at least two things as I said. Most importantly, Indore offers you the best food. You will rarely find the hawkers free. And you’ll find varieties that you won’t find elsewhere. People talk through food in their mouths. All the time. We meet other people so that we can eat something outside and the other party agrees to meet us only when we are meeting somewhere near the food. No wonder CCDs and Starbucks will never be as hit here as they are everywhere else. It is not that we lack sophistication, it is just that the street food at the Chhappan Dukaan area (56- Shops), has just so much to offer that the Air-Conditioned ambience of all these chains couldn’t just parallel.
Secondly, Indore has good roads and even better traffic signal network than Bengaluru. But the city hosts people who are indifferent to all of it. So, while you are driving here you are entrusted with additional responsibilities of minding the traffic from all eight directions, we are always moving from everywhere, straight towards your vehicle, as if we’ll enter into your lives. We are also unparalleled in imagination, for now, we have Robot at one of the traffic signals with timers fixed on its crotch. How cool is that! So now waiting at the signal is not boring at all. You finally have something to do. Something like staring at a Robot’s crotch. So next time someone asks me what am I most proud of from my state, I am going to shoot the timer fixed on a Robot’s crotch in their face.

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