Of Ghost, Night, and Tide…

I saw a ghost. Or an apparition. But when you see something like this, and we all see something like this at some point in our lives, it is really hard to distinguish between the two. It was just like me, this ghost. Only that it hated me and wished me all the ill luck. It smirked at my agony. And the more it expressed its glee, the more I sweated. And the more I sweated, the more things seemed taking a bad turn. Fear just kept piling up. It seemed that this fear had no end.

I remember staring the night into its eyes or into the profound void that the sky is. Night and I gazed into each others’ eyes. Only this look was more like that of individuals’ when things have taken the wrong course. People with unfinished business between them, the business that often surfaces in the well of their heart just before they sleep. And there was rancour. Both, the night and I, were bitter. I wanted the sky to fall down. And the sky consented at once to merge with the earth crushing me in the process. Either way was good for me. Surrounded by the misfortunes, I believe now, a man finally earns the right to find solace in anything he deems suitable.

I also remember the tide approaching me. At an abnormally fast pace. Its crest seemed like a mouth of a lion about to eat its prey. And a prey, when it sees the might of the lion in this way, is rendered utterly incapable of saving itself. I was that prey. Overwhelmed by the gravity of my predicament. And so, I waited for the tide to come and have me. All of me. Between being crushed by the sky and being embraced by the tide, the choice was obvious. The tides might as well carry me to someplace serene.

And now, no wonder how I vividly remember everything, I long for the day. And for all of this to pass.
It all passes they say.

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