Promise amidst Questions and Answers.

Questions. Some days are filled with questions. There is a single question at the core but there are numerous around it. Surrounding it as its paraphernalia. The ones capable of fusing the nights and day into one or making either incomprehensible to you. You wake up, there is the sun, as usual. You know it by the light around you inside the room, you don’t go out on days like these. You eat and breathe, but before you know it, the stars accompany the moon. And you know it by the darkness that ensues around you. And, the night only adds to the sorrow. The wait is miserable. The agony unbearable.

Answers. He kept thinking for days at the stretch. Thinking about what was it that he had done to deserve this. But the worst part about brooding is that it brings everything except the real answers, any answer for that matter. Sometimes, all it fetches are additional questions that weren’t there in the first place. He knew that at times there are no answers to your questions. And sometimes the answers do nothing better than begetting further questions. But where the expectant is concerned that is the only thing that makes sense – this anticipation. And the misery of it.

The Answerer. The answerer vanishes into thin air or conceals himself deep in the well. Rendering themselves unreachable and the other party restless. Sometimes they have the answers and they hide along with them, wrapping the answers with their body, hiding anything ethereal that could give them away with their soul. And at others times, he thinks to satiate himself, that the answerer is equally intrigued by the circumstances. Befuddled by the happenings. Too overwhelmed by everything around to answer.

Promise. He promises not to bug the answerer any further. But the name evokes memories, and the memories are too beautiful to be ignored. He forces the answerer out of the memories but the moment he manages to do so the memories stoop down to such a low-level. Almost unbearable. He fixes the memories by remembering them exactly the way they were. This, he thinks, is better than the questions and their answers. The togetherness, albeit as ephemeral as it was, and the way he remembers it now. This is something that the answerer can’t take away from him. And this is how he promises himself to remember the answerer, his tormentor, forever. In their beautiful memories together.


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