When the heart finally concedes…

There comes a time when you finally concede to the defeat and let it enter and reign over you. And, time gives this opportunity to all of us. At some point in time or the other. To concede to its supremacy. ‘Stop being insolent’, it derides at our faces. And then, you accept that it is all over. Things have been rendered irreparable. And no matter what you do, or how hard you try, things just can’t go back to the way they used to be. The brevity of the happiness saddens you and the perpetual agony seems daunting. Like a sight of the endless sea for a desolated person.

No matter how much you loved that thing (or that person), at the point in time about which we are discussing, when you have finally conceded, you can never forgive them. It is not that they have wronged you or something. It is just that the nature of things and course of human behaviors are like that. When badly broken, a heart never stops beating, it just stops being. It beats and pumps despite not being there. And when not reciprocated, the feelings do not die. Rather, taking devious paths, the feelings end up in a respite. An ultimate respite which doesn’t let anyone strike the chords again and elicit anything out of you ever again.


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