Pain, and dawn…

It pained. Like it never did in the past. The kind of pain that happens to everyone at least once in their lives and makes one believe that it would last forever. He would have traded his life for all he cared if only that was an option. But some pains are like that.

It rained. All night long. Sitting by the window, seeing through the pane, he witnessed the rain outside. Both the pain and the rain remained unflinching. Not a single minute of respite. Nothing aggravates pains better than the downpours. ‘Bloody weather’, he kept cursing with his debilitated heart.

She never called. This too never happened in the past, but the past seemed so distant now. Future seemed painful and only the pain seemed real. And the present. The present, he thought, was all soaked up in the rain, and overwhelmed by the pain.

He didn’t read. He almost always read. If 20 pages in happiness, then he ensured to read at least a 60 when life tried bringing him down. But tonight, even this, his only strength, left him stranded. As if every damn thing has conspired against him.

He sat all night. With the book in his lap, and his eyes on the then wet road.

Night transformed into dawn. As it always does. And this constancy, trivial as it is, felt soothing. Only that the sun felt too strong this morning.

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