Book Review – Never Let Me Go

‘Never Let Me Go’ by Kazuo Ishiguro:

Reading this book is like listening to someone’s account of their life – a simple story which all of us stumble across quite often and which equally often doesn’t fascinate us right from the outset but soon enough we come across nuggets in it that resemble our own life, and this experience is almost a universal thing, and we feel drawn into the story, only occasionally digressing to savor our own related memories. The first part of the book is like all such simple yet fascinating life accounts and reminiscences.

There are always these little truths that are hidden from all of us and there are our relentless efforts to unearth them with a hope that they’d help us know our purpose and change things for better. But, is there a dignity in such chases? Can obsessions be limited by something like dignity? The second part of the book is more or less about such obsessive chases, the discovery of the hidden truths, and the dignity that the characters exhibit in the process of their discovery.

The third part is about knowing that truths are, at times, nothing more than mere statements as dead and as obsolete as the past; and sometimes, nothing actually changes by knowing them – things don’t take a turn, life doesn’t mould itself into anything better than it already was.

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