Love, Life, and Happy Endings…

One can write on arcane topics. Undertake relentless journeys to find inspiration and to make the writing rich and authentic, but all writings begin with love and primarily end around the same. Love towards a person. A pet at times. A tree. A hobby. A painting. A painter. A dancer. And even a love that had gone wrong. The last takes the form of tragedy but it too fills the reader with love. Reading a tragedy seldom makes people disinclined towards love. Quite paradoxically it restores their faith in love by telling people that things can go wrong, things do go wrong at times. Love, thus like life, comes with certain setbacks. Wouldn’t a love with certainty tantamount to a banal love. Doesn’t then, this uncertainty makes love all the more exciting. Tragedy thus restores faith. A faith in existence beyond disenchantment. A faith in life beyond estrangement. A faith in the fact that no matter where you go, or whatever happens to you in the end only love prevails. You live on. And isn’t deciding to live on, the beginning of the perpetual love – love for oneself?

Life, thus, should only be counted as a sum total of the moments filled with love. This might be as ephemeral as the love you felt for the person when you talked to them over dinner. Seeing them laugh at your jokes. Or the love that you made you feel that you were strongly connected to someone. Or the love towards a little girl gesticulating at you on the street. Or the motherly love that a smell of a tiffin suggests. Why do we, then, want the love to be always grand? Period.

Happy endings in a way are just like timely deaths. Both are a rarity. A conundrum. Besides, what determines the timeliness of anyone’s death is incomprehensible even to the people who use these words together. Let alone the happiness and endings. Why would one want a happy thing end? Or if things ended, and if they were going good, how could that be a moment of happiness? Happy endings, thus in a sense, are just as fabricated like the love at first sight. You can be shocked, devastated or even astonished by someone at the first sight, but love, seriously! The only thing that really matters is what happens in between these two – the life. A grapple of hope and dejection at each point in time while one exists.


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