‘IT’ or not to be in ‘it’

Mine is a mundane job. But which job, when asked to be done repetitively, isn’t mundane? Schooling, for that matter, is mundane too, but I think we earn the privilege of calling something mundane only when that something has been our own failed decision. Schooling is a forced tradition, inculcated as a habit, just like brushing the teeth. And just like with brushing the teeth, only a few students get the schooling right. I wasn’t among those few. I always brushed my teeth horizontally and attended the school punctually.

There are around 20 thousand people working day and night alike in the place where I drag myself in every morning. Day after day. The only thing that distinguishes most of these people on any two subsequent days is the clothes they wear, everything apart from that is more or less the same. If you notice you’ll see the same group of people having tea in the very same place in the mornings. In the afternoon, however, the places are different as it is really hard to find a place amidst so many ravenous people who have just expended all their energies sitting in front of their systems, some coding their brains off, and most chatting their hearts out. They call the place a tech park for it is where these brilliant minds gather together and contribute their bits towards global technological advancement. I don’t know what that actually is, but that’s the euphemism I try to content myself with.

My tryst with reading began quite late when I was in my sophomore. I come from a town where we don’t have bookshops. Of course, we have access to notebooks to write in and academic books to mug things up from, what I mean is that we do not have any novel store in my place. Such a pity – to be born as a human in a place that has almost no access to literature. Things are changing now. With C.B.S.E affiliated schools coming in, you can find ‘H.G. Wells’ in almost every house now. We have always been excessively fond of good grades. I know this is same everywhere, but we prefer answer guides even for the novellas. We are that hungry for marks. It almost seems unfair how one doesn’t get to decide one’s school only to regret after their graduation that if I were as privileged as ‘that’ other person and had studied in their school. I still love my school. I have no regrets where and how I studied especially when I see the size of books these days.

My day begins by reading the book from where I left it the last night, and how did I stop the last night? Just like the night before that, with my Kindle slapping me against my chest. It is a usual routine now, my late night readings and the Kindle’s fall. You don’t have to be an assiduous person in scheduled jobs, you can tire yourself out just by sitting in the same place, doing almost nothing, all day. It is a misconception that one tires down only by expending energy in physical activities, I have been leaking calories just by dreaming about what would the world of writers be like. Not belittling anyone here. I know writing is a tedious job, an onerous one. And, so is programming.

To be continued…Ā 

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