A Right Conversation

Ever found yourself immersed in a conversation where you not only forget about things around you but you also give up on your own thoughts, discarding your ever important and so egoistic views. Not because you don’t have anything worth sharing and neither out of your fear of being cut out in the middle, but because the other person is just too good at the moment and the conversation so glib that you feel from within that you ought not to interrupt them by doing anything earthly not even by the presentation of your own views. Now that’s the kind of conversation that fascinates me and makes me fall in love with people. And that’s the kind of conversation I mean when I say ‘a right conversation’.
Isn’t it a pity, that despite being cognizant of the myriad sciences today, how miserably do we fail in fathoming the significance of a powerful conversation. How perfunctory does that make us as a person? How cruel, of us, it is to belittle the mighty words behind them depriving our very self of the consolation they provide and the aspiration they kindle in us upon being heard.
If you heed it you’ll observe how magnificently charming and sheer solacing in itself is the fact that we don’t need things to make us happy, rather just the right conversation at the right time.
What’s rather more magnanimous is the fact that such a conversation doesn’t always need someone to be present around us, it doesn’t even demand our self to be always the part of it. It might happen in a movie, or a book, or even in the gossip about ‘that friend’, you and ‘this good friend’ of yours just had. The whole point being that it just happens and we know; at times instantly and at others with the due passage of the right time. But we always know.
All we needed were those punctuations exactly the way they were, those words in those exact order, those questions in the exact sequence as they had been, and those answers precisely how they were synced up to those questions. Sheer perfection. Utterly soothing. Ah! the right conversation has just happened. And then what?
And then you know. You know that you are not alone. The mere fact that someone somewhere is having the exactly same conversation you wish you could have, indicative of the fact that they might be in the same predicament as you are, nevertheless, soothes you. You feel alleviated. You were good but now you feel blithe. You thank the people involved. You thank the very timing. You thank the words. And above all, you sleep contented and hopefully.

Engage in conversations people. Banal as they might be but try making them to the right ones. For one man’s trash in another man’s treasure. Words trivial to you might be vital for someone.

For after the air we breathe and the food we eat, it’s the words and the conversations they form; that make us what we really are.

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