Self-esteem and Solitude

You don’t outwit others on every occasion you pull a prank on them or make them feel abashed in the group; you do tend to lose a fraction of the trust they have had placed in you, every time you do so. As a species of emotions, we, all of us, have a tendency to be more inclined towards a certain set of people, people whom we like in the first place, we begin listening to, we start to heed their words, people whom we idolize and we aspire to become like, for reasons uncertain, unfathomable or perhaps should I say not so much thought after.
People whom we want to stay in our lives longer than others even at the cost of our self-respect and pride(there’s absolutely nothing wrong and any lesser prudent in doing so, for if material things like luxurious cars and villas can deceive people into working their heads off day and night alike making them believe that all these things are worth their lives, I think living beings are worth giving a shot as well; but the highest form of prudence demands of you to know when to stop doing so). In today’s world, where people treat things and humans alike, it has become indispensable to be possessive about one’s own self-esteem just like we are about our devices(wish people could be password protected too, thereby saving themselves from exploitation by others). But people don’t come with a validity and warranty like things do; irreplaceable as they are they are also a lot more fragile than your devices (which often comes with a safer temperature range to be operated in and a threshold pressure they could sustain).

It’s vital to learn the importance of solitude and equally important to distinguish it from loneliness; for people who fail in doing so often end up making themselves more vulnerable to deceits and such embarrassments. Hapless people around (and by these people I mean those who fail in understanding the significance solitude and the essence of life in it)often take pursuers of art as losers often confusing them with the loners. I am not here to castigate anyone for I have better things to do(ironically solitude has taught me that it makes no sense in talking about things and people not present around). People comfortable with solitude are the ones capable of finding solace only in pure hearts. Often uninterested in shallow conversations, such souls devour words and emotions behind them like a panacea. Look around and you’ll find them, for they are everywhere, and you’ll observe that they stay no longer than they deem it necessary for either your or their own betterment. Silence teaches you the art of listening to unsaid things that weren’t actually spoken, and discarding the unmeant things for it is equally important to get rid of unmeant things from the spoken words (for the gravest disadvantage of the language lies in its usage when one is angry and ends up speaking things they shouldn’t have). Solitude which makes way for introspection will make you a keener observer than what reading myriad books on psychology could ever do. And solitude will make your perception sharper and your acumen invincible. For people we are not gadgets with virus protection software installed in us so we might as well not be a virus in someone else’s life. Strive for your own betterment and inspire others to do so.

Live, Love; and if needed, be alone, fearlessly.

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