The ability to love, and the courage to forgive.

Hatred has no ground of its own. It’s a derived term. It can more likely be understood mathematically by a Venn diagram represented as the intersection of  Love and Disappointment.
You do not hate someone, without having loved them in the first place. And you do not stop loving someone altogether just because you start hating them. You just get disappointed in them and fail to forgive. It’s really that simple. And so let’s talk about something having a standing of its own, something that forms the basis of every other virtue. Let’s talk about love, today.
Recall any conversation important to you, or any notable incident from your life. Now break it down into chunks, crush these chunks into even finer pieces, and now grind these pieces into the finest possible details just tiny enough so that these details do not lose their fundamental significance. And you’ll find that all these tiny independent details, the bricks of all your conversations, the conversations which become the basis of your relationships, the relationships that in turn become your definition, are formed solely of love. You won’t find any ulterior motives, hatred, lust, or a feeling of revenge, but love. Now, this is the kind of love I am talking about. It’s not the same hackneyed love all around. Rather this love is something that forms the snippets of your actions before you even know that you are in love. It’s innate to us as humans. It’s the same love that makes you feel happy when you first talk to some random person, or when you listen to a story narrated by some stranger with all their heart. It’s the love you have for your favorite art form, and for your pet. And it’s this very love in your actions and words that make people fall in love with you. Don’t we really underestimate our capability to love, and utterly fail at understanding love itself?

And while we are at love let’s take a hit at forgiveness as well. I strongly believe that love and forgiveness are the two sides of the same coin. Don’t we forgive people, when they do wrong to us, because we loved them in the first place, and don’t we keep on loving more people because we know that this love will make us capable of forgiving them if things don’t go as planned?
Love gives us the power to forgive people, and forgiveness showcases the amount of love we have had for them.

Where humans are concerned the only thing that really makes sense is the act of loving. Everything else is trivial and arises when things in love go wrong.

And so, that’s what our lives are after all; an endless battle between our ability to love and fear of not being able to forgive.
So take chances and Love, and if things don’t work out well, Forgive.
For these two things, the desire to love and the power to forgive, are capable of making our lives a lot happier and better.


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