Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh! how fortunate we all are to have that one who, relentlessly, would go to any limits just for the sake of our happiness. What a glory it is to have someone who loves us unconditionally and unwaveringly. Her love knows no bound. Her love is the love in it’s most sacred form, and conceivably the greatest of all. A love that cannot be confined, and yet can appear in its most magnificent form in that tiny little tiffin box her child carries.

There’s nothing new that anyone else (and especially I) can tell you that you already don’t know about your mother’s love.

I’ll just say that if you are blessed enough, and happen to be around her- wake her up with a tea, hug her, lift her up (only if you can), dance crazily for her in spite of being aware of your awkward moves, sing for her despite the most disgusting voice, cook for her the best you can, drive her to some garden and saunter along holding her hand, take her to a saree showroom and cherish the most beautiful face that your soul will never forget, and above all take her to a vegetable hawker and watch her haggle with him (there’s an ecstasy in a mother’s haggle). Try to charm her like she deserves to be. Present yourself the way you always wanted to.

In case you are away from home and she’s not around; ring her up and talk to her, talk to her about herself, tell her to take good care of herself, tell her she’s the most important person in your life, ask her if she’d like to come over to where you’re staying and stay with you. And yes, you can always sing on a phone (and with lesser embarrassment). If possible video phone her- and start dancing like a madman, dance with your most awkward moves, dance on her favorite actor’s song, dance till she laughs her heart loud and tells you that you are an utterly mad boy. Take some pause, and tell her that you love her, and you love her the most. Let her see through the amount of love you have for her. Compose an email for her, fill it with what your heart says, you should write it the way you deliver impromptu speeches, pour your heart down on a paper. Send her a gift.

And if you are among the group where you cannot ring her up- Take her photograph in your hand, stare at her with all the intensity you can muster, look straight into her eyes, and then just close your eyes. Tell her that you love her, and with each passing day you love her even more. And tell her that the most important thing that she has taught you is that love can be irrational, unconditional and unwavering. And the love that you feel for her today when she is no longer around is an epitome that shows why only a mother’s love is eternal. You’ll find tears in your eyes, and above all, you’ll find that these tears, they are not all yours alone. Let them trickle down your cheeks for this is precisely how mothers remain a part of their children, in their hearts and in their eyes, for as long as these hearts pump and these eyes blink, and perhaps even after they stop doing so.

Cherish all you have, but remember now is the time do so.

For all the mothers and their relentless love. Love that makes us who we ultimately become, and that stays with us forever when everything else fade away.

A bliss for ones who have her, a yearning for the ones who have lost her. The first word a child murmurs, the only face that his soul remembers.
An incomparable beauty that a son never forgets, and the best friend a daughter can ever have.
A machine that works 18 hours a day, and still manages to contact her children at bay.
A creature made of emotions, with enduring abilities that are shunned altogether.
An ineffable personality, with a solution to the entire family’s triviality.

Such is a mother’s magnanimity.

Thank you for everything, Maa…
You know I love you, right?   🙂

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