Feeling deceived by the time, he smiled and told his grandson, “I should have known this all my life that no matter what I was doing, I was at no point in time outrunning the time itself. While I was snatching a second away from it, in the same span it was seizing a second away from everyone I cared about. Now lying here in my bed, waiting for it to take its final toll on me, which I must say it definitely did on a number of occasions by taking away my beloved ones, it deceives me yet again with its inexorable prowess of playing ping-pong by taking me back to the times I cherished the most, and throwing me back here the moment I start reviving them”.
So, make sure you live the most in the present.

How naive I was, he coughed and added, all my life, judging people merely by how they acted in front of me, and above all how they exhibited themselves to me. Never was I really able to fully understand them nor even did I try to fully fathom them, and, of course, their life. Well, I am not alone there, very seldom do people really understand other’s life unless they are in the position where I am. And one cannot be blamed for not getting to know every person who comes along their way.
So, be empathizing.

It took me a while to realize this, but you keep this in your mind; take it in written if you want assurance or record my words if you want to, but the biggest lesson that I have learned is that – “Only your family cares about you”. No matter how good others seem to behave, how hard they try to cajole you into believing that they care. Well, son, they don’t. Even you are no exception, no matter how much you think you care about that friend of yours and will always be there for him, you are mistaken. The family is the only constant, perennial thing; all you had, you have and you’ll have. All that was, is, and will be there for you. Everything and everyone else is just ephemeral. Some would stay a little too longer than the others. But won’t be any different.
So, care for your family…

And being presumptuous is the worst mistake one can make in his life. You have to be very careful in understanding your limits in anything you do. It’s very important; even more important than learning that ‘anything’ in the first place. People around you will tell you to push a little more, give it all you have, and to not go by the rules. But what they won’t tell you are the repercussions of not going by the rules. I lost my friend to a terrible road accident whose only fault was that though he was well trained as a rider he was not told of his limits.
So, know your limits. Embrace them. Being a little frightened is alright.

I am not sermonizing you child nor am I going to tell you the right way to lead your life for there exists no right or wrong way. I am not trying to inculcate cynicism in you.
For where there is life – there are only stories; fascinating, myriad, faded with time, and the ones with lessons. Each worth listening to, and each worth telling. I have had mine and I have shared a few lessons….

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