A Photograph

A trivial act of just staring at a photograph, a one remarkably close to me or should I say- the closest of all I’ve ever been a part of, makes me think of how wonderful this invention in particular is. Not only do I now see things that were captured on purpose, but also the things that were captured along in the hasty process of doing so.

A photograph, as I see now, has this charismatic quality of taking you instantly back to the time when it was taken, leaving you there for as long as you want to be, to savor it all; and thereafter bringing you back, slowly, through all the years that had passed since then. Making you reminiscent of the co-people in it and the other unintentional things.
I think of it as- “Cherishing life in the lifeless object”. Sitting leisurely on this comfortable chair holding this medium sized photograph that must be somewhere around 8 years old for good, I feel that the time frame around me has changed. I am sitting here now, and rambling in places where I was when this picture was captured, only to find that I wasn’t even there when the picture was being clicked; else how’d you explain my utter failure at noticing things around me then which I am seeing as the eyes of my camera did years back.

Numerous photographs of which I have been a part of – I always return to this one, hidden in my favorite author’s book. Perhaps, surprisingly few are lucky to have a photograph that can take away all their worries, restore the things back to normal, make them cry incessantly and yet making them feel better. I don’t know if it’s the photograph or the person in it or that feeling of togetherness we once had that the photograph rekindles in me despite the fact that we can never be together again. I cry for hours looking at this photograph, and then I smile. I smile because it once happened. I smile because I was lucky enough to be a part of it. And above all, I smile because I am fortunate enough to have gotten it clicked just in time. As long as I have ‘this one photo in particular’, I have a hold on that one very, most important person.

You will be a part of many photographs, but make sure you get ‘that one in particular’ clicked before it’s too late…

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