It was ‘Louise Otto’ who said that “The history of all times and of today especially, teaches that women will be forgotten if they forget to think about themselves” and so on this auspicious day, we’d like ‘you’ to spare some time and ruminate just about ‘yourself’.

First thing first, we don’t need a dedicated day to commemorate all that you have had done for us, but now that we have an occasion at hand and it being in our very ‘manly’ nature to make the most out of any situation(or, at least, try to do so), let me take this chance to express our sincere gratitude to each one of you for making our lives, both livable and endurable, colorful and delightful, meaningful and sane, and above all what they are.

God only knows how dull this world would have been if it were not for your glittery nail polishes, colorful slippers, dazzling earrings, flamboyant clothes, high heels shoes, matching handbags, beautifully made braids and the complementary hair clips. (An oasis in the desert. Don’t agree, just look at the men around you. Five different colors and you can see all the billions of us dressed in them, Insipid indeed!).

You constantly remind us of how lovely this place is and that there’s a lot more to it than just competition and war(the two favorite past times of men). Your smile has this profound ability to restore any kind of situation back to normal (How do you do that? Yeah I see you smiling right now. Exquisite).

We have always needed you as a sister, as a friend, as a spouse and above all as our mentor and our creator which makes me reminisce of a quote by Mark Twain I read long back. In the form of reply to one of the most significant and debatable questions of all time the quote comes in the form of reply to the following question,
“What would men be without women?
and the witty Twain quoted something as follows
Scarce, sir…mighty scarce.”

That pretty much sums it all. And so, thank you for making us human, both by bringing us into this world and by reshaping our shattered pieces into that maintained order we call ‘the life’ because each one of us knows how much lost we are when we are without you.

Keeping it short, I’ll culminate this piece by wishing you all beautiful ladies a Happy Women’s Day. And thank you for everything else that I failed to mention as it is in our very nature to fail miserably at recognizing all that you do for us- selflessly and continuously.

Stay blessed and keep guiding us.

Every man, you’ve ever known in one way or another…

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