Memories are vicious. While the sad ones bring the sadness in enhanced enormity; the happier ones never seem to bring back the same amount of happiness. Ever wondered?

I am astonished how a conversation with an old friend can take you to the time you don’t want to go. Time, which left you scarred. Time, you wish you could go back and change the erstwhile happenings; bringing back the feelings you promised yourself you won’t let come back again, ever. And Time, that you know made you what you are. But you are helpless. You were hungry, but now no matter what you eat you won’t feel any better. You were angry on someone but now you can’t think of any reason to be.

Perhaps it’s in our very human nature- to act as a human only when we are miserable.

And now you are in a dilemma as to what’s worse- the loss incurred in the past or your actions hurting others in the present. But you are too overwhelmed by the conversation, and the conversation has done its part. It has triggered the memories. The needles of your clock deceive you by moving continuously in the clockwise sense, but you know that the present has come to a halt. The very concept of the tense you were taught in your childhood seems deceptive. You keep on staring at your mobile and thinking of something else altogether. You read all messages from him and reply to them sincerely. You are in this conversation and you are not. You empathize. And perhaps you are the best person to talk to because you have been through the phase what he is passing right now.

I believe empathy is all one needs at such times. If you can’t feel what he is going through just keep on listening. There always comes a time you’ll go through what the other is going right now, and you’ll need someone to hear you out.

And finally, you make him feel better, but end up feeling worse in yourself than you were before the conversation. And yet you don’t mind the conversation because you know what this conversation could mean to him, and above all you know how it felt when you didn’t have anyone to talk to back then and you don’t want them to feel the same.

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