People Matters….

This is not an inspirational article; firstly because I believe more in the articles that make you think rather than the ones that leave you inspired for a day or two and secondly I haven’t yet found any writer, who, I could say managed to keep me inspired for long enough, and so let me foretell you that this one will not leave you any more inspired than you were before reading this, but what I really hope for is that it will make you think.

First thing first; You are blessed and so am I. We are all blessed and yet the complainants. Complainants about the trivial matters that shouldn’t really matter and for matters that do not matter. The only things that matters are often the ones that are left at bay and are seldom complained about.  If you ask me, we really don’t deserve to complain. It’s not righteous of us to do so, to desire for everything we see or find attractive, to have a craving for every single thing; and then complain when we don’t get it.

But that’s the way human nature is; it’s insatiable.

At times, we need things and at others we just feel the urge to have them. Both these feelings are very seldom distinguished and not many are capable of doing so. I agree with you that not always there exist situations where such a fine demarcation can be made and it definitely takes a lot of prudence in the process of doing so.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong in having desires, but there’s no denial in the fact that there’s nothing worse than having the desires which are begotten by the satisfied ones.
Do not mistake what I said when it comes to the goals in which case you should never stop after having achieved one; that being said our goals should never be materialistic. Materialistic goals are never satisfying. Goals should rather be soothing when achieved; goals should be pacifying and should beget the hunger for the next one. Talking about this will take a whole lot of your precious time and I don’t have that. So let me come to the point.

What we all should rather learn is the art of expressing gratitude towards what we have, not just in the material form, but also in the forms that money can never buy. Things that can’t be gained back once lost. We should all take a pause to look back in life and make sure that we haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.

We should learn to value relationships. We should learn the value and importance of family and even friends for that matter. Believe me, success doesn’t matter when you don’t have people wishing you and money is the last thing you want when you don’t have people buying things for and sharing the food with. Remember how the same orange used to be tastier when you had to share it with your siblings and now that you are feeling desolated in some far city (in case you are as hapless as I am) eating orange realizing that things have changed and it’s the artificial ripening of fruits that has taken away the taste, but that’s not true. You are now smiling that even such trivial matters can be thought with such a depth.

It’s just that we never really realize it until we read something like this or see something devastatingly disturbing that shakes us to the core.
Death is inevitable but losing people before they die and while you are alive is something that can be tackled with. Go ahead and call the people you love. Tell them you care. Call your siblings. Get to know how they are doing.
Start cherishing life, people. Let that orange be as tasty as it ever was. Let not the lie of artificial ripening be ever the reason for the sour relationships; leave it just for the quick ripening. Enjoy what you have. Have a craving, hunger and longing for more. Work even harder for more but don’t lose people in the process of doing so. Take that pause; look back and ensure you haven’t lost things that can’t be bought back.

Think for yourself.

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