Liquidation of infinite souls

Today a woman died, a mother of two died, a sister died, a friend died and a daughter was killed. I don’t know how and where exactly to fit the word ‘wife’, let’s keep it away for it really never meant in the lives of the concerned. There was never a wife. And so no one by that relation died.
Domestic violence has been a constant practice in Indian households dominated by conceited men. Yes it has become a practice over years. Practiced and ubiquitous.
So a family lost a daughter, yet another lost a daughter in law, but above all a father got his daughter killed by a man whom he trusted the most on this earth to be his replacement for the task of her care taking. This makes me think why every daughter’s first and only true care taker is her dad and every daughter’s greatest apprehension is that will that special guy be even any close. And this is precisely why a father mourns a lot, perhaps he finds himself half responsible for what happened.

It shakes some, appears gruesome to some others, loathed by few others,appears outrageous to some others, irks another pool of so called gentlemen but still remains the most unchecked and an under estimated offence.
Yes underestimated in terms of how much it affects the lives of associated people. I don’t know what you think, but I’ve always felt that when you lose a women in your family, more lives are affected, more hearts are broken, a husband’s hope is lost, a son’s dreams are shattered, a daughter’s faith in men is lost, a father is half murdered, a mother is lost; needless to say any more.

And yes unchecked, well not many will agree with me on this nor do I, but believe me something inside me forced me not to erase this. Lets face it, we still haven’t done what should have been done. And if you think we have, than perhaps we should redefine ‘what needs to be done’ .

It’s a high time to teach our daughters that they matter a lot and that protecting their life is more important than protecting their marriage. It’s time we make them independent. It’s time we make them feel that they are free to approach us at any hour of the day and that they won’t be judged. It’s time we lift ourselves above the gender bias. It’s time we stop being judgemental about a girl by looking at her clothes. It’s time we realize that we have a lot to deal with. It’s time we teach our girls that not all men are same and to teach them to distinguish between the two kinds.

And above all it’s time we teach our sons some sense, instil in them some respect for other women, teach them that there’s a lot more than just respecting your own mother, sisters and daughters. And that respect begets respect exactly the way love begets love and the respect for other women will eventually make them reverend in the eyes of their own mother, daughter and wife.

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