A man who fulfilled the dreams of billions.

A status won’t be enough especially after all you’ve done for us. Believe me when I say this but I really don’t know when I turned into a fan or even if I am one today, my friends can vouch for it. You didn’t have the tactics of Tendulkar nor were you the master of notebook shots like those of Dravid that I’ve always admired the most.
There has to be something really very special and unique in you, and when I gave a shot, I came across several things and I’d rather list them as habits I’d like to inculcate in me…
You are a splendid leader, you boldly defied the world cup jinx we Indians were facing. Seeing you there in the ground, leading the team gave us the assurance of we will win.
You are a stupendous finisher. Damn it has been quite some time but all those games you finished with a six, we’ll always flaunt and will never forgive.
Calm and composure you exhibit : If only we could learn to remain half as calm and composed in adversities. Man you never let the pressure reflect on your face. It was a semis and you entered like it’s some domestic game.
Smiling face: If only everyone could learn to smile their way out of the troubles. I remember how after that catch (which of course was a fluke) you gave a smile and refused to take the credit…
A lot has been credited in account of your luck. All your success has been attributed to your luck. Well that’s the thing about luck, people use it to put all other people’s success on. We always need luck, you were no exception. But somewhere between your hard work and luck, we got benefited.
We have been criticizing you a lot lately but that’s perhaps because we expected a lot from you. We know criticism is something that has barely even mattered to you.

I don’t have much stats to prove that you are a legend, not that I need them to prove anything or that my saying would even matter. I know there’s a lot to write and I am not the right person but this has to be done. This is to show you that We respect you. And we love you. Thanks for making us smile and thanks for crying on behalf of us. Thanks for taking the responsibility every single time…
Hopefully we’ll always see you associated with the Indian team in one way or the other. Because deep inside each one of us know that if it’s not impossible it’s really very difficult to bring it back without you.
Thank you for everything.
#A fan that became one quite late…

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