The man on the wheels:

I have observed the world moving at a faster pace. I’ve observed people; they are always in a rush. They see me daily. I am always on the wheels. But they just cross me in both directions, just like the way a mother overtakes the toddler when he reaches the edge and is on the verge of falling and all she cares about is saving him, everything else just doesn’t matter.

Let’s first come to me and make clear what I just told. I told you I am always on the wheels and people always cross me. That must have sounded weird. Well, it’s actually not. I’ve used the word ‘see’ for you and ‘observed’ for me. Doesn’t that make me sound like an egocentric or an egotist? Wait, but you didn’t even notice that either, did you?  I guess I’ve made my point then. You people just can’t observe. You are incapable of using your brain and eyes simultaneously.
So where I was, yes you see me daily and you cross me daily. I am the one who rolls down the roads, busy with people like you and filled with all the crap discarded by you. I even remember picking that disposable bottle thrown by you once. But this is not about me. But picking up that bottle is the least of my worries and absolutely nowhere near as to why I am writing this.
It’s not an enigmatic passage nor has it got anything to do with me. So I’ll tell you about myself. I am the one on the wheelchair, whom you see daily. I am the wanderer, the observer and your fellow commuter (at a very slow pace compared to yours though).
I’ve seen the world at a pace faster than my own. And let me take this chance to explain it to you what one sees when he sees everything changing at a rate faster than he can ever fathom. You just walk pass by everyone too fast to even look into their eyes. You’ve become all cynical. I understand this world is full of charlatans, but some people do need you. But how would you know it. If I were at the pace with which you move I’d have been the same. But since I am not and you are, let me tell you what I’ve seen.
Remember that little girl who was selling the ‘pen’ on that lane you were traversing and passed through in haste. Well, it turns out she wasn’t just tricking you into buying one and it wouldn’t have really mattered to you if you would’ve just gone ahead and bought one. I found out that she was really in need of money. She needed it for her sibling who had a terrible throat infection and needed syrup. Remember that mother with the child held to her side, turns out that her husband just abandoned her and the child was really hungry.
I don’t blame you. No one ever can. It’s none of your faults and it’s none of my business. With all the things happening around us, how could anyone be ever sure of anything?
But I request you one thing, don’t ever mock them. Be humble at least. Pay a little attention if you can and if you can’t then just walk past them at a slower pace. Make them feel they are humans too and not some beast you are scared walking past by. I haven’t mentioned my own problems nor do I need any of your help. I hope I made you think.
Wait you didn’t ask me why the hell it even matters to me. Remember that day when I was struggling with my chair when the tyre got stuck in that pit, (and you overtook me as always. I don’t blame you as I am pretty sure that you’ll have a perfect explanation for that as well).

It was one of those lesser fortunate people (of course whom you are cynical about) came to help me. But you’ll never understand it, for just like you have to be a little bent to get something you need to be a little considerate of others to understand them and to be considerate you need to hear them out and to hear them out you need to talk to them and in order to talk to someone you need to be there and to be there you need to slow a little down. Wait but you can’t just slow down, can you? How can you when they say that “this world belongs to those who move fast”.

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