A meaningful clutch

Why can’t all the promises and commitments be as pure as the ones made by a few weeks old baby, by clutching all his fingers, using all his might just to get a good hold of your finger. This has always made me think as to why does a baby go for a single finger and not for all of them.

            If you ask me, I’d say that such a gesture contains sacredness and a very deep meaning in it as the baby is contented with just a finger and he doesn’t need your full hand to get the assurance of protection in return. This very fact makes me think of what we make of life as we progress, can’t we be like that kid and understand what is it that we really need and be just contented having attained it. Wouldn’t it end all our miseries? Shouldn’t we focus on only the most important thing i.e. that single finger and get a firm hold of it rather than trying to get everything and eventually ending up with nothing in the process?

                On the other end, every time I’ve encountered his fingers clutched around my finger, I’ve found myself allegiant to the kid. It makes me feel obligated to do anything and everything just to keep that fist clutched over my finger. I feel both protective and protected together. I feel like I finally have someone whom I can trust on. I know it isn’t like a fake adult promise. I keep on praying that the baby just doesn’t let go of my finger. Everything else seems to come to a halt.

                                      But then again the inevitable that every kid grows into an adult and gets ‘adulterated’ in the process strikes me and I wonder if that’s precisely when and why they start calling a person an ‘adult’.

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  1. Though I don’t have a baby, I agree! I love everything innocent and pure! They may seem weak, but in a sense, they are strong, giving me some complex! And I agree, baby reminds adult of something, as valuable as diamonds, that we have forgotten a long time ago in the process of growing up.


    1. This comment had gone to spam, sometimes the automation works that way, and hence the delay in the response to it.

      This was the first official post on my blog site. I was scared of how would the world take it, take me. Now the fear has subsided, I am freer.

      Thank you for your comment! It means a lot.


      1. Lol. Never mind. Yes, I find sometimes WordPress “bully” me by “eating up” my comment!😅
        I’m glad you’re freer. 🙂 It’s fun and inspiring when we look back on the past and realize what we’ve gone through. Everyone is amazing.

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